Prospective Advisors

Financial planning is about to become a whole lot easier for you. You can make it a more efficient and profitable part of your business and spend much less time on the whole planning process with PlanPrep. It will help you earn more, high quality referrals from leveraging PlanPrep’s expertise in your practice.

No more sitting at your desk, behind your computer, working nights and weekends to crank out a financial plan.

Engaging PlanPrep’s services allows you to focus on managing your clients’ expectations of their plan and holding them accountable for achieving their financial goals.

Burt Williamson has been a financial planner since 1995. He has mastered data analysis to uncover not only the facts, but the real story behind them. Then he provides you receive prompt feedback, so you can stay in touch with your clients in a timely manner.

He has mastered and is able to enter the data and create scenarios that tell the client's unique financial story. You receive tailored reports that will help your clients make informed financial decisions. You won’t find dozens of pages containing useless junk just to pad the report.

The analysis is followed by observations of the client’s unique situation with a targeted action plan. Next are suitable recommendations that will help your clients implement strategies geared toward their known and hidden objectives. The Action plan identifies insurance and investment opportunities for you as well as referrals to your centers of influence, with several other topics addressed to provide holistic advice for the clients. *

Everything is written in plain English by you for your client. Brief and to the point.

Here’s how to get started with PlanPrep as part of your financial planning team:

  1. Please review the rest of this page, the FAQs, the Outsourcing AgreementPrivacy Policy, and ADV Part 2A. If those all are acceptable to you, then click on the Apply Now Form tab and submit it by encrypted email.
  2. PlanPrep will respond a signed copy of the Outsourcing Agreement for you to return to us with your authorization.
  3. After we receive the Outsourcing Agreement, you will receive a welcome email.
  4. You can share clients with PlanPrep through eMoney or WealthVision. The Welcome email provides the corresponding user name for you to enter.
  5. You can make it even easier for yourself by adding Burt Williamson as a Delegate. That allows PlanPrep to create plans for you from scratch. All you have to do is send PlanPrep the client data securely. The Welcome email explains how to do this.
  6. After you collect your clients’ information, just respond to our encrypted email or send one of your own with the data attached. You can upload the data into the vault in eMoney or WealthVision if you prefer.

PlanPrep’s Default Assumptions: 3.5% inflation for income and expenses, 3% for property and business growth, 0% for cash, 7% on investments before retirement and 6% after, 7% for college (with 5% inflation on the costs), and mortality of age 95. Social Security benefits are set to inflate by 2% a year after they start.

You may specify different assumptions, including the growth rate category and/or realization model for taxation on nonqualified accounts. It’s best to have the plan be more conservative than the results your clients achieve.

You will find the planning assumptions outlined in each report right after the current financial position section to minimize surprises.

We highly recommend that you review the plan and strategies with your clients at least once a year, and sooner if major changes occur in their lives or the economy. This will help you to keep your clients on track without having to make dramatic adjustments.

PlanPrep can update your clients’ plans to create progress reports showing the clients’ own personal benchmarks. This helps keep them focused on their goals rather than the markets.

By the third or fourth plan, you’ll understand how we communicate and how the process works.

*   Note that the specific insurance and investment products are up to you to specify beyond the needs we indicate.