Social Security Videos - Watch Now

Nobody has a crystal ball (that actually works), so there's no way to know what unexpected costs will pop up in the future, how long you’ll live, or how your investments will perform during your retirement years …

But, I do know that most people take Social Security to their disadvantage rather than their advantage.

What women REALLY need to know about Social Security is going to prepare you to take it to your advantage.

Some of the many takeaways from this highly informative webinar series include:

  • Basics everyone should consider
  • Important history - some could repeat itself
  • Social InSecurity - Could it go away?
  • Choices for women based on marital history
  • Serious traps to avoid, and
  • Strategies and our gift worth well over $100,000

You will get the most out of the videos if you watch them in order, as some reference information covered in prior videos. You may want to bookmark each of the videos separately, or save the playlist. Click the #1 link below (top left) to get started with the first of 7 videos, and please post your comments.