Social Security Videos - Watch Now

PART 1Run time 8:54 - This video goes through the important fundamentals, such as:

  • Your Annual Statement
  • Your Filing Status (NOT your current marital status)
  • How long you expect to live
  • If you will work after you start Social Security
  • Taxation on your benefits
  • The impact of a government pension on your Social Security, and
  • Resources you may have that may allow you to wait to start Social Security

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PART 2 - Run time 5:22 - This video covers important history, such as:

  • The woman who was largely responsible for Social Security
  • Paycheck taxes
  • Historical increases in Social Security
  • Some history that will probably repeat itself
  • A couple of insightful graphs, and
  • The government shuffle (pick your own tune)

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PART 3 - Run time 4:44 - Could Social Security actually go away?

  • What would happen if it actually "went away"
  • Will they cut benefits?
  • What probably WON'T happen
  • What probably WILL happen
  • What SHOULD happen, and
  • What elected officials will likely do

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PART 4 - Run time 4:33 - Choices for Women

Get ready for some crazy facts that will make every woman realize just how important your Social Security decision is.

The rules are different depending on your marital history.

If you are married or have been ever before, you will find this video to be a very good use of your time.

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PART 5 - Run time 11:09 - This video covers mistakes, pitfalls, and traps to avoid. Get ready for some surprises about:

  • Cash flow issues
  • Your responsibility
  • Medicare
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Your Social Security statement
  • The Pop-up Myth, and
  • Retirement tax issues.

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PART 6 - Run time 12:45 - This video introduces some strategies that can help you make the right decision and minimize your lifetime taxes, such as:

  • Reasons you may want to start Social Security sooner as opposed to later
  • Do-overs
  • A frequently used strategy by married couples
  • Positioning your money appropriately
  • Income tax reduction strategies

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PART 7 - Run time 2:47 - This video asks some important questions and explains our offer. So, do you want to:

  • Get what you can now or plan for a long life
  • Access spousal, widow, or divorced benefits
  • Minimize income taxes for you or your heirs
  • Maximize your legacy for your loved ones or favorite charities?

If you'd like to see how we can help you answer these questions, then watch this video.

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