The PlanPrep Process

Too many times, people go on the Internet to "play around" with "free" planning tools (you can try ours by clicking here). However, for many of them it's like buying a book and just putting it on a shelf to collect dust.

It is wise to work with someone who can go beyond the numbers or just managing your money, as we do at PlanPrep:

  • We start with an easy going conversation. We ask about what's important to you to truly understand what you want to accomplish. Realize that everything that lead up to this point in your life were learning experiences and will really help you going forward.
  • Next, we do a deep dive behind the scenes into all of your data and resources. This helps us surmise opportunities for you to take advantage of what lies ahead.
  • Then, we get together to review various strategies that can help you achieve the lifestyle you want while minimizing the pitfalls that could greatly disrupt your journey. You decide on what you like, so that it's easy to commit to making it all happen.
  • From there, it's time to put your specific strategies in action! We will help you every step of the way, including working with your other financial professionals and making sure you have clarity on the who, what, why, where and when. We'll take the guess work out of the paperwork up front and as you receive it over time.
  • Like a sailboat crossing the sea, you need to navigate the seas. We'll be there with you all along the way, as the tides shift, economic storms arise, and changes to your life occur, so we can tweak your strategy as necessary.

Our goal is to help you get on with enjoying the things you’d rather be doing, such as traveling, visiting family, gardening, playing golf, and anything else you would enjoy!

Ready to make your retirement more predictable and less taxing?