Life Insurance Solutions

A Lot Has Changed

  • The primary purpose of life insurance is still providing a death benefit, but there have been a lot of improvements to it over the past several years.
  • It's not just something to pay off the mortgage or funeral costs.
  • Sure, it still does that, but today's choices are more like Swiss army knives.

Living Benefits

  • Did you know that you could be the beneficiary of your own life insurance policy?
  • Some of the features modern life insurance offers are access money for major purchases and retirement, and access to the death benefit (not just the cash) if you have cancer, a stroke, a critical illness, or even long-term care.

Current Insurance Review

  • If you have older life insurance that were issued many years ago, you may be able to take advantage of modern designs with living benefits, potentially lower costs, and cash value you can build for you and your family.
  • We'll see if your insurance still meets the needs you have today, make sure there are no surprises with the beneficiaries you selected years ago, and see if you qualify for better coverage today at no additional cost to you or possibly a lower cost.

Put Your Rainy-Day Money To Work

  • Let's say you have cash sitting idly by, just in case you need it someday.
  • What if you could trade the small amount of interest you might be earning in the bank for the opportunity to have your cash provide you the living benefits mentioned above?
  • It'll cost you nothing to find out how much more your cash could be doing for you that it can't possibly do where it is today.
  • With the right type of policy and loan provisions, you can access your money that a bank would want as collateral.

Business Owners - Equalizing Inheritance (Making it fair in your eyes)

  • Maybe there's one child who will take over your business, while another chose a different direction in his or her professional life.
  • Still, you want to treat them both fairly. Granted, it's nearly impossible to determine what your business will be worth when your child takes over, but you can work a fair value and make any difference of your remaining estate with the right kind of life insurance policy.
  • There are many other business uses of life insurance. Learn about a few of them by clicking here.

* We are not tax advisors. We work in conjunction with you and your tax advisor

to be sure you make the best decision for your situation and needs.

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