Prospective Clients

The following is an outline of our services:

Tax Planning

There's much more to this than just filing your tax returns each year. Unfortunately, most senior excutives and business owners aren't aware of the many opportunities they have to control their taxes, both now and in retirement. This is where PlanPrep our outside tax experts can make a dramatically positive difference in your after-tax income. Learn More

Financial Planning

PlanPrep helps you make informed financial decisions. Our personalized process helps you strategize for your specific life goals. Everything we do is tailored to your unique situation using state of the art financial planning software. Learn More

Investment Management

We design portfolios to be well diversified with low cost, tax efficient exchange traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds from some of the top providers in the industry. You are never charged for purchases, sales or trades in your account. Learn More

Insurance Solutions for California Residence Only

The best plan and investment strategy can be derailed by having a poor insurance strategy to back it up. We tailor our recommendations to your needs and resources for life and/or long term care insurance. Learn More

Estate Planning

Preparing for when you’re gone is only a small part of estate planning. It’s more about protecting you, your family and your assets while you and they are alive. We will work with you and your estate planning attorney to be sure everything above ties into your overall estate plan. Learn More