Your Social Security Decision(s)

Did you know that most people take it to their detriment rather than their advantage!

What if you start too soon, but live too long? Or, you start too late, because you live too short?

Each year you wait to start your benefits (until age 70) is like receiving an annual return of 7% on the future benefit you will receive, and that does NOT include cost of living adjustments!

Just look at your statement and calculate the increase from one year to the next to see for yourself.

Still, waiting may not be optimal if you need the money to pay your bills now, especially in a declining market environment. The decision becomes more complicated if you are divorced, widowed, or remarried.

If you continue to work, the decision just became even more complicated.

Women typically live longer than men, and chances are very high that a woman over the age of 65 will be either single, divorced or a widow.

There are hundreds of rules to consider as well, so how do you decide when to begin?

PlanPrep will help you maximize your benefit based on your overall retirement strategy, so you can live without regrets about your decision.