Every CHA-lle-NGE requires CHANGE!

Every CHA-lle-NGE requires CHANGE!

The key to making the necessary changes for your future starts with being aware of the current and desired situation.

But, until you are ready, the switch just won't go on.

There is usually a triggering event.

You only hope it isn't too late before your switch gets flipped.

Here are a few of the “too-late” switches I've witnessed:

  • A man suffered an injury that prevented him from returning to work, so then he came and ask to buy disability insurance. Couldn't help him.
  • A woman left the drudgery of her career, because she was too tired to continue in her role at work. She didn’t have anything all those years to pull her into the next phase of her life. She had all kinds of ailments arise and died a few years later.
  • A couple learned that their current spending was unsustainable unless they wanted to work for the rest of their lives. Clearly, that was impossible, so they had to make some very tough choices in reducing their current lifestyle or risk running out of money in retirement.

None of these were desirable choices, because there was no preparation for the possibilities.

"Planning ahead" is redundant, because you can't plan when the time hits. You are reacting to whatever the situation dictates.

You have to prepare for your future ahead of time, so you can have a carefully crafted response to the opportunities and CHA-lle-NGEs you will face.

Be plan ready, so you can make the necessary changes for your future now!

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