Imagine you're about to go visit some relatives. You've packed your bags and loaded up the car, so you head out to fill up at the gas station.

Well, you're all set, right?

You start on your way, and get about 75 miles from home when it happens. The front right tire blows out.

Fortunately, you manage to get to the side of the road without further incident.

But now you have a problem on your hands that you weren't expecting at all.

You start to argue with your spouse about the tires.

How could we let something like this happen at the last minute? Why didn't you have them replaced?

It doesn’t matter whose responsibility or fault it was. It’s too late.

Chances are, you or your spouse would have seen that the tires were in desperate need of replacing long before leaving on that trip.

The same kind of blowout can happen to your retirement, but you can’t see it nearly as easily as with the tires on your vehicles.

The stock market blows out just when you need to start drawing income from your investments.

Your health blows out, causing a loved one to have to become your caregiver.

A Social Security or pension check stops - causing your income to plummet, because your spouse passed away suddenly.

Don’t drive on bald tires during your retirement years.

The blowout could be really nasty.

Replace the tires on your retirement today.

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