Money Management

If you decide to take advantage of PlanPrep's money management services, you will benefit from:

Investments Suited to YOUR Goals ... Not The Hype

You may hear people talk at cocktail parties or a club about how well they're doing in the markets or how much money they made trading crypto-currencies. Don't fall for the hype. We build portfolios designed to help YOU achieve your goals based on your financial plan.

Tax-Efficient Investing

We engage third party money managers who keep an eye on the tax consequences to you throughout the year, not just at year-end.

PlanPrep's Account Transfer Support

You'd think that this is a no brainer. Just fill out some paperwork and your money magically goes where you indicated, right? What could go wrong?!? Plenty! Don't move your accounts anywhere without our assistance.

Performance Reporting

This allows you to see how you are progressing relative to industry benchmarks. We will discuss how you're doing at least once a year relative to your financial plan, and more often as your situation or the markets require.

One All-Inclusive Investment Management Fee *

Your investment management fee covers all transaction costs and custodian fees. You're billed after the end of each quarter. Fees are prorated for the days in the quarter for which the funds were in your account, and are deducted directly from each account based on the following annual schedule:

* Each investment may have internal expenses that are not included in the stated fees above. Those expenses are outlined in the prospectus for those investments. You do not receive a bill for these and they do not appear on your statements. This is an important reason why all prospectuses should be read before you invest any money.


Waiver of Future Financial Planning Fees

PlanPrep's financial planning fees are waived when the aggregate of your household investments total $500,000 or more and have been managed by PlanPrep for 12 months or longer.

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