Benefits of Working with PlanPrep

Financial Advice without having to be a multi-millionaire or moving all of your money

  • A working couple learned how much they could spend safely each year, which lead them to request their retirement paperwork the next day.
  • A recently retired couple was shown the right time to start Social Security and an efficient amount to convert to Roth IRAs.
  • A couple in their 70's started to reallocate money from their IRAs and highly appreciated stock to PlanPrep's secret weapon with the approval of their tax advisor.
  • A widow saw how much the cost to self-insure for long-term care could cost her and decided to protect that amount of her portfolio from the potential risk with one of PlanPrep's secret weapons.
  • A retired couple found that they could take much less market risk in their portfolio and still have their money last to age 100.
  • A CEO and his wife discovered that their children could face consequences for large gifts they had made to them.
  • A business owner was shown the bottom line amount she would need to get when it came time for her to sell her company.

An initial conversation is free. Achieving your goals is priceless.